Fears and Optimism

As a child I had so many fears– such as fear of falling down and getting hurt; fear of going out alone and being lost; fear of the unseen, etc, etc. As I grew, my fears grew too, for instance,  fear of losing my loved ones. However, time and experiences changed my fears in to optimism and learning opportunities. The fear of falling down is now an opportunity to get up and start fresh; the fear of going out alone and lost is now  all about finding new ways of moving forward; the fear of unseen now means that there are things beyond my understanding right now and I may not learn until I experience the unseen; and my biggest fear, that is, losing my loved ones now has a different meaning. It means that humans all are mortal and someday I will be no more too and it’s natural!

The feeling of being an optimistic is marvelous. It helps you to look for possibilities in life rather than limitations in life and brings a different perspective to things you did or you wish to do. It changes your relationship with others. It teaches you to be independent and expect nothing from others. There are people whom you always want to keep away from your world because of their odd, and indigestible behaviors. Optimism helps you to understand their behavior and to let them may be not a part of your world, but to accept them as they are. But sometimes being optimistic gives false hope and leaves the person shattered, with less to no hope of recovery.

Now I fear my optimism!