I’d rather be a non-believer….

I’d rather be a non-believer than believing in a religion or Allah or God who tells me to kill innocent people in his name or to make others’ lives miserable. I’m sorry to say this but the “Land of the Pure” is no more a place for humans (regardless of their religion) to live. Because it is no more PURE, and is polluted by extremism, intolerance and thirst for minorities’ blood. Non-Muslims are openly harassed. Few days back, Christians were harrased in Walden Colony Lahore. Instead of arresting the culprits who fired at night to harass Christians, the police and govt encouraged “sulaah-nama.” Today again Shias were killed…


And still the “majority” wants their God to change their state… I’m sorry HE WON’T… because you as majority are not doing anything to control those few hundreds extremists…Remember, your God helps [only] those who help themselves! Don’t expect Him to help you with your hands wrapped around your waist.


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