Santa and Sam Story: Little Things Matter!

20315_10151187684188719_1804603250_n    Ho!Ho!Ho!

Christmas spirit is in the air. Wherever you go you see homes, streets, malls, shops, cafes, all decorated with lights and what not. Yet sometimes rather many times, grad school stress diminishes the festivities around us. Everything seems meaningless when a grad student is upset about something related to his/her studies. I felt the same today. One of my professors sent me email that she is available in the afternoon to meet. As I was waiting for the bus, I saw dark clouds rising in the north. The breeze as it touched my face, brought a smile. It was so refreshing. It was almost 15 minutes wait when I saw a bus coming on the opposite side of the road.As the bus approached, oh my god… A Santa driving a bus!!!  and I wished to ride the same bus to the campus. Well, maybe Santa heard my wish 🙂

After waiting for 35 minutes on the stop, I saw a bus coming now on my side of the road. My smile broadened because my wish was granted. I was so excited to see the Santa. The bus stopped, the door opened and I heard… ho!ho!ho! I looked down to swipe my card, oh! not today, instead I got a candy from the Santa. I was one happy Sam. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Sam. When I started my grad school in 2009,  one of my professors and class fellows had difficulty in pronouncing and remembering my name Samina. And back home, one of my elder brothers called me Sam, so this name wasn’t new to me. Since then, I go by the name Sam too in my college.  When we reached the bus station, I requested the Santa if I could have a picture taken with him. I heard again… ho!ho!ho! You can see the proof that I rode a bus, driven by a Santa.

Sometimes when we are stressed about things, we forget the little, tinny tiny stress free things scattered around us… things that take away our stress, things that might not be important… yet good enough to help forget your worries or stresses or tensions. For instance, how many times in our life we see dark clouds rising and breeze blowing against our faces. Maybe uncountable… but one cannot see clouds or feel breeze or ride with Santa (if my case today), if one stays inside their homes. One has to go out to experience all these things. Same is the case with our tensions, worries and stresses. We cannot deal with them if we stay in them or with them. We have to come out of them to refresh our thinking process and to find solutions.

Hope you all have a stress free and a very festive holiday season! ho!ho!ho!



2 thoughts on “Santa and Sam Story: Little Things Matter!

  1. Eunjung says:

    Oh, it’s me, Eunjung, hohoho.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy Christams, Sam 🙂

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