Data Collection: Snowy & Icy Roads


There is no better way to describe what my data collection experience has been so far. As schools in the Midwestern state experienced unexpected number of snow days, I feel as if data collection has snow days too. Not just as a physical obstacle in the form of weather conditions when I have to cancel my interview appointments or the school is closed because of the snow day. But also emotionally and mentally, the experience has been snowy and icy. Times when I see clear roads of thoughts and a sudden gusty wind blows snow over them; Times when I feel satisfied with the data I’m collecting and then white snowy serpents of doubt, fear of not getting enough, crawl in to my mind and vanish, blurring my thought process; Times when mind blocks sway my thoughts away; Times when I feel positive about interviews I’m conducting, just as the rays of sunlight come out tearing thick dark clouds; Times when those interviews do not make sense and I think “seriously this is what I have!”; Times when I think of missed opportunities as the black ice that I can’t see but sure to trip over.
Yet, in low to no visibility at times, a smile appears when I remember Angie’s words, “You have a great study lined up!”


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