Sea, Sand, Shells, Serenity, Solitude & Sam

As I walkeDSC00970d along the beach in the evening at the Ocean Villas, Puerto Rico, I said to myself  silently, “What a serene experience!” My inner noises were gradually gulped by the inharmonious sounds of the waves. I heard no more from the inside of me. As the light dimmed, the sea waves got wilder. I walked aimDSC00975lessly in the sand, lost in unknown thoughts,  looking around, and collecting sea-shells. After a while, the inharmonious sounds, the rough sand, and broken shells started making perfect sense to me. The sea after a day of calmness, and absorbing secrets of all the living beings in it, becomes aggressive, as if it was the time when it is free to be itself and to show its choppiness. I could feel the solitude of the sea as I stood alone and watched it getting wilder and wilder.

Sand shines in the sun and adds beauty to beaches. It takes years of erosion for rocks to become sand. Though broken in to tiny granulesDSC00973, sand has the strength to absorb and hold water— water that nothing porous can hold.Shells are colorful and  beautiful, yet they are empty. Something had died in them. Their outer beauty is appreciated, yet DSC00981no one sees the emptiness of  sea-shells.

The inharmonious sounds of the sea, the brokenness of sand, and the emptiness of shells is a source of serenity for us. We find peace in them because deep inside, we share their inharmony, brokenness, emptiness and solitude. We live among people, our loved ones, but still we are alone. We all have kept many personal and others’ secrets. There are times when we break into tears, when we get tired of holding back and just let tears flow. No matter how broken we are, we all have a special strength that no else possesses, that makes us to do things that no one else can do.  There are times, though surrounded by people, we feel emptiness in our lives; the emptiness that can’t be filled, and remains there for the rest of our lives. Just like shells, which will never be lived-in again.  Maybe we empathize with each other. We all have experiences that help us to relate to nature. Yes, Sea, Sand, Shells, Serenity, Solitude define us; they define ME… because “We all are connected” (Cloud Atlas, 2012).


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