Human ATM Machine

Have you ever seen a human ATM machine?

I have.

Human ATM machine is a machine that accepts emotional debit card to withdraw money. Credit would have been better because then the person who takes out money, would then have to return the money. But that is not the case. People (most of the time your own family) use emotional debit card over and over again without realizing that its a machine, it can run out of money or can be out of order. But if that is the case, they won’t stop by to fix you. They will not come again till somebody else fixes you and to use the card again.

You know how it feels, being an ATM machine?

I know!

It hurts!!!


One thought on “Human ATM Machine

  1. sarmad says:

    Dear Sam, You are true but this ATM machine has brain to utilize it before repeatedly emotionally blackmailed.

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