Women, Kitchen, & Professions

Today’s blog is in response to a statement by a Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi Khan during an interview for a local channel. Why does it matter what Shahid Afridi says? Well, he is considered a national hero, followed and cherished by people of all ages and all walks of life- both men and women. His opinion can be idealized by many, and anything said by a national hero, people have a tendency to appreciate and follow it without giving it a second thought, regardless of how pathetic that opinion is. Here is one example, where a female author tried to explain why she won’t be cheering anymore for Afridi and was shunned by males and females equally. Here is the story!

The interviewer asked Afridi’s thoughts about the women selection in his city Peshawar for Pakistani Women Cricket team.

Afridi replied, “Our women have great taste in their hands. They cook very well.

The interviewer said that he was asking about the selection, and

Afridi said, “You got the answer.”

What Afridi was implying that women should not be playing cricket, rather they should stay home and cook. What’s wrong with his comment, when this is what most females do? It matters because women can do much more than cooking and his comment undermines the potential females have. It undermines the women’s right to do what they want to and also it shows lack of respect for women who are working in various professions.

I’m a very optimistic person, but after reading comments … What a pitiful state of mind and I don’t think education can change anything, at least not in the near future! Men with Afridi’s mindset want female doctors, nurses, teachers, etc., for their wives and daughters. They don’t think for a second before opening their mouths that if women are confined to kitchens, they won’t be able to have female doctors, teachers, nurses, etc., for taking care of their females. I think that female doctors should refuse checking wives and daughters of men like Shahid Afridi so that they may acknowledge professional women. I felt sad when I read comments of females- so demeaning. They also don’t think about what he said.

A student of mine recently said that we should motivate our men to share household responsibilities too. It is of course possible, but it will take a long time to change. Our mothers do and teach the same to their daughters. We don’t teach our men to share household responsibilities… they are the LAAT SAHIBS (bosses) of our society. A mindset transferred from generation to generation. Working women after office hours, take care of household chores too. Basically they work more hours than men. And I’m not blaming females. I have done that to for so many years. But I realized what was happening.

The first step, I believe is the realization that something wrong is happening and acknowledging that there is a problem. Unfortunately, looking at the comments, we are far behind from realizing and acknowledging that there is something wrong in what Afridi said.


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