Fifty Shades of Grey- Trilogy by E. L. James

Main Characters: Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele

Genre: Erotic Literature

I was told by few people not to read the book (what fun it is to read stuff that you are told not to read, right?). A friend of mine was appalled when I told her that I was reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Her instant reaction was, “Don’t read it. The book is CRAP.” Of course, I knew why. I replied, “I know. It’s like porn.” She said, “Exactly!!!” And then I explained her what was so compelling about the book, which is what I will be writing about today – Why I liked Fifty Shades of Grey- Trilogy.

Let’s begin by confessing that yes, the book has a lot of sexual content- little too much for my taste. You can shout back by saying, “Don’t you see the genre of the book before reading?” Yes, I do. I mentioned that just below the names of the main characters in the very beginning of this post, haven’t I? ūüėČ .¬†I think that many people were put off because of it’s sexual content or it’s prose and they didn’t read the whole book.¬†I don’t understand how good or bad prose is written in the book, because that’s not my area to comment on. And then not every reader gets involved with the characters like I do.

I was intrigued by Christian Grey’s character and wanted to know about him and his story. There were times when I actually skipped pages explaining what he did with Anastasia in the “red room or the bedroom” (as I said before – little¬†too much). Yet there were times when I read the beginning and end of the scene to understand what changed in Christian’s character. For me the book was not about sex, even though Christian Grey’s sexual orientation and preferences were a huge part of his character, but this was not what kept me turning the pages.

The book for me is about relationships;¬†about family and friendships; about love, desires, trust, hate, betrayal, jealousy, anger, distrust, child abuse, fear of loss, self-loathing, self-control, power, parenthood, expectations, resentment; about poverty and wealth, and much, much more. ¬†The author has knitted all these emotions so well in different characters and made connections to their social conditions in which they lived or grew up. Within the web of emotions, I found myself¬†entangled. May be because my area of interest is relationships.¬†I enjoy reading stuff that helps me to understand ways in which relationships form one’s personality and informs one’s behavior/ attitude, OR may be many of these emotions related to relationships and social conditions resonated with my inner core and I understood Christian Grey’s emotions. There were many times when the inner dialogues of Anastasia were prolonged and torturous. But those prolonged and torturous dialogues helped me to understand her emotional state and her emotional bondage with Christian. Sometimes I got a feeling that I was reading some adult fairy tale¬†– you know there’s a working class girl, meets a rich guy, falls in love, had problems but eventually all sorted out (hm, well not all in this story), got married, and lived happily ever after. But then, I (still) like fairy tales.

If you are a person who can look beyond the sexual content, the book is for you to read and to enjoy.


The Coffin Dancer Tattoo


It’s been a while since I read any suspense novel that can actually hook me up. I have seen so many crime TV series, and have read crime book series that I can make pretty good guesses. Though I had the sense of the person behind all murders after reading the beginning chapters, yet I couldn’t stop reading it. The book is creepy, suspenseful and interesting. The author has developed and detailed the characters well along with explaining specific forensic and other terminology through out the book.

But what intrigues me the most, is the tattoo on the cover of the book. I think it is pretty cool. For the first time I’m actually impressed by a tattoo.The tattoo speaks so much about the character of the sadist assassin in the book. ¬†I thought of it as a person dancing with the unseen and the unpredictable life, life which is gradually leading us to our coffins, death. ¬†Hats off to the person who came up with the idea.Wish I could bear the pain to get it tattooed on my arm. Alas!