Days, Social Sites and Me!

People are celebrating Mothers’ Day today. Everyone makes sure that they do something special for their mothers on this day, as if they can’t do anything else on any other day of her life. So thousands of people who wants to show their love for their moms and dads, use social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. to tell the world what they feel today about their mothers, motherly love, and how beautiful their relationship is/ was with their mothers. Today all are portraying mothers as some godly creatures, free from worldly flaws rather than simple humans bearing vice that might have damaged theirs or someone else’s personality profoundly.

Unfortunately, there are many kids who haven’t seen their mothers/ fathers, or haven’t experienced what motherly/fatherly love feels like, or never had a good relationship with their mothers/fathers. Social sites such as Facebook, bombard them with messages that make them feel horrible emotionally, left out from the dominant discourse, and most probably make them feel misfit in the culture they live in. Still they feel compelled to say something about it, though they don’t have any fond memories of their mothers, or fathers or friends. Yes, I agree it is a blessing for sure, but my blessing might be a deprivation for someone else.  Though the fondest memories as a child and as an adult come from the time I spent with my dad, but are the feelings reciprocated by my other siblings, NO. I learned to empathize with others who have been emotionally blackmailed and abused by their parents or their loved ones. So I stopped wishing such days, and I feel excluded on days like today because I don’t have any memorable picture with my mother to share, but yeah, who cares? HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY to you all!




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